The Story of Money

Most people don’t think about how money actually works. That is a mistake.

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What is this book about?

Most of us go through our days without ever thinking about how money works. We know we need money so we can buy things, and we wish we had more money to spend, but we don’t really understand how our system of money functions.

As it turns out, ‘how money works’ is a question that matters and it affects our lives today in many more ways than we realize.

The Story of Money is a book written to help you how understand how money developed throughout history and why it matters today.

What is the flow of the book?

The Story of Money begins by defining money and explaining the role of money in society. Part I explores the history of the money, covering not only how money developed throughout time, but why it developed the way that it did. Understanding the history of money is a crucial component to being able to fully understand modern money.

Part II of the book analyzes modern money in detail, from explaining how money today works to showing how our current system of money affects our lives in very real and important ways. Topics in this section of the book include the rise in income inequality over the last 50 years and the skyrocketing costs of healthcare and college tuition.

Finally, Part III of the book looks to the future, and discusses how we can expect money to develop in the years to come.

I’m new to these topics, will I be confused?

The Story of Money was written to be an introduction to money, meaning it is written for an audience first exploring their curiosities about money. Audiences of all knowledge levels should be comfortable reading this book.

I’m already familiar with these topics, will I find value in the book?

Yes, readers who are highly knowledgeable about money and economics will find value in this book. Since money is involved in almost everything that we do, the effects our system of money has on our society are vast. That means that it is often difficult to be clear and focused when discussing some of these topics. It’s a problem I’ve had myself on occasion.

When writing this book, I recognized the importance of establishing the clear arc of the story of money. While you – already knowledgeable about money – may have considered some of the ideas presented in this book in isolation, I believe that there is no other resource that bundles many different threads together into a clear and cohesive narrative.

Why are you the person to write this book?

They say to write the book that you wish you could have read, and that is what I did with The Story of Money.

I’ve read many books about the history of money. I’ve read books about the future of money. And I’ve spent considerable time listening, reading, and analyzing the ways that our economy today is evolving and changing. While there are great resources among this bunch, I never came across the analysis I wish I had read at the beginning – a complete guide to the past, present, and future of money.

The Story of Money is my attempt at writing that book. I hope you like it.

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