Audio Series

Questioning Money is a 25 episode audio series that analyzes the ways money affects our world. Each episode is 5-8 minutes long and is predominately focused on money and finance, though is not limited to those subjects. Civilizations are built on top of systems of money, which means money has an influence on topics that are not strictly financial.

The audio series is hosted on Substack, but you can find the link to every episode below. A few of my favorite episodes are marked with a *.

  1. Introduction
  2. How Money Works
  3. How Money Drives Inequality *
  4. Printing Money Doesn’t Buy More Stuff
  5. Five Minute History of Money
  6. Being the Global Reserve Currency
  7. Money Always Develops *
  8. You Can’t Save Money In Dollars
  9. A Debt Based Economy
  10. How We Got Employer Healthcare
  11. Why Gold Is Valuable
  12. Economies Need Recessions *
  13. Congressional Gridlock Is Good
  14. Why Wars Don’t End Anymore
  15. Why Some Prices Rise, But Others Don’t *
  16. Improving Your Personal Privacy
  17. Lessons From Ancient Roman Money
  18. Introduction to Bitcoin
  19. Understanding the Minimum Wage
  20. Why Companies Buy Back Stock *
  21. History of Paper Money
  22. Institutions Don’t Scale
  23. Central Bank Digital Currencies
  24. Money is Time
  25. Adopting A Multi-Currency Mindset *